Virtual Tours

We Believe In Beautiful Marketing

@Homes Realty Group is known for their firsts… first to create in-depth searches on their website built alongside their clients, first company to roll out QR codes (eek…remember those?) and first to hire a full time in-house marketing department focused solely on beautiful marketing for their listing clients.  I’d say we continue to earn our nomination as one of the most innovative brokerages in the country!

Today, @Homes is pleased to announce their partnership with Matterport!  Our buyer and seller experience just got serious.  Real serious.  Our listings just got real.

Matterport captures the colors and contours of a home creating a literal walk through of the property in 3D. Easy to locate and simple to navigate, this special technology allows anyone with a web browser to follow the link and see the entire floor plan in 3D. Click on any rooms within view and voila!– you’re inside the home. Use your mouse to follow along the circles on the floor and walk right through. 360 degree views throughout, walk up stairs, check out the closets, see that kitchen from any viewpoint!  In a short walk through with our 3D platform buyers will have more information about the home than any amount of photos could produce!

Here is an example of our first Matterport Listing.  Click on tours and you’ll see the 3D option.




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