Private Advertising

Private Label Advertising

Private label advertising is a unique @Homes capability that no other brokerages currently utilize. This gives our agents one distinct advantage within a listing interview with potential sellers:

We drive very large amounts of Internet traffic directly to your listings!

How we do it?

Our organic search websites are uniquely designed and built on top of Google AdSense / DoubleClick. This in effect makes each site; a real estate advertising platform. When multiple websites are used, as we do, they are seamlessly integrated into our own private advertising network.

In the Huntsville area alone we serve over a 1,000,000 advertising impressions; to well over 50,000 unique visitors every month. These visitors are active real estate searchers, most likely buyers, within our local market.

What does this mean to you as an agent and your clients?

A major part of our private label advertising is designed to drive these active real estate buyers to your listings. This advertising works and more than quadruples (4x) traffic to your listings when compared with normal searches and featured listing pages so popular within the industry.


This is a small example set of the various advertisements we have developed for our agents, clients, partners, and builders. Any sponsorship revenue that may be generated is wrapped back into our PPC campaigns to the benefit of all our agents.


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