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Organic Search Websites

Organic search is one of our successful long-term strategies, while our pay-per-click activity addresses the short term, yet both are very important. That is why we continue to make massive investments in both, to the benefit of all of our agents.

Why is organic search important for you?

The leads organic search generates are natural, initiated by the visitor and not forced under the direst of withholding desired information. Our own in-house statistics, over the last 5 years, show that these natural leads are of a higher quality and our average agent closed-sale rate is 7.5%.

Organic search represents more than 70% of Internet search traffic. Thus you want to be player in this niche and we are very successful at it, leading our local market.

Why pay-per-click is important to you?

The leads PPC generates are generally early on in the search process, before a searcher has settled on a small set of favorite sites they will frequent during the multiple month search process that is so common.

These leads are not natural, per say, but forced registration leads. Our own internal statistics closely match the often published national closed-sale rate of 1-3%.

However since home buyers, unlike sellers, generally interview only 1 agent; early contact with potential buying clients is important and it represents ~30% of internet search traffic. So don’t miss out.

Visit a Live Organic Search Site


These screenshots provide a visual example of our organic search website product. A link is provided to visit and browse the details of a live website.


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