Agent/Team Websites


Agent / Team Websites

While every listing deserves its own dedicated website to tell its story, so do all of our agents. A place all your own where you can host your clients, interact with them, and focus your communication to the world through your own blog and social networking accounts.

But let’s not stop there! How about your own 5 Star Mobile App, which will connect you with your clients as they venture out and drive-by neighborhoods and homes of interest.

Now add to these great features your own 7×24 website chat service, to assist and engage your website visitors in your absence and you begin to get a sense of the added value @Homes brings to the table in your behalf.

Visit a Live Agent – Team Website

These screenshots are an example of your agent or team website and blog. A link is provide for your convenience to browse a live agent - team site.


  • Agent - Team Blog
  • Average Organic Search
  • Chat Service
  • Client Interactive
  • Marketing Website
  • Mobile App
  • PPC Search

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