Online Marketing

Online Marketing is the art and science of selling products and/or services over digital networks, such as the Internet. The art of online marketing involves finding the right mix that will actually translate into sales.

Single Property Websites

Every home has a unique story and we enable our agents to tell these stories in a very useful and creative way, the only one of its kind among local brokerages.

All of your listing will have a single property website dedicated to telling the story of its featured home and you; via full-screen professional photos, virtual tours, slide shows, filterable galleries, etc.

A picture is worth a 1000 words, so why not take a moment and explore this live example of what awaits you and your clients at @Homes:

Agent Websites

While every listing deserves its own dedicated website to tell its story, so do all of our agents. A place all your own where you can host your clients, interact with them, and focus your communication to the world through your own blog and social networking accounts.

But let’s not stop there! How about your own Mobile App, which will connect you with your clients as they venture out and drive-by neighborhoods and homes of interest.

Now add to these great features your own 7×24 website chat service, to assist and engage your website visitors in your absence and you begin to get a sense of the added value @Homes brings to the table in your behalf.

Powerful Agent Back Office

Your agent back office is built on 10 years of experience and 1,000,000 lines of code; a full CRM platform, yet remarkably easy to use, because it is build on top of your Gmail account with all its inherent features.

The feature list here is too long to detail, but just contemplate: automated and customizable drip campaigns, craigslist interface, direct mail tool for neighborhood farming, CMA builder, text leads, sign riders, and much more. Contact us for your own personal demo!



Coffee and beer

Tim Golden Director @Homes Media

Tim’s an engineer who utilizes an extensive knowledge of computer technology and business logic to steer @Homes Media - from launching rockets as an engineer to launching websites! While leading the @Homes marketing effort isn't rocket science his other job was, seriously. However Tim is very down to earth and thrives when helping people.

Property Search Websites

Unique among local brokerages, we have a family of @Homes websites across the Southeastern US. These websites all have unique and different roles . Some are dedicated to organic search, others pay-per-click, and still others to referral partnerships.

Organic search is a long-term strategy, while pay-per-click addresses the short term, yet both are very important. That is why we have and continue to make massive investments in both to the benefit of the entire company.

Why is organic search important for you?

The leads it generates are natural, initiated by the visitor and not forced under direst of withholding information. Our own in-house statistics over the last 5 years show that these natural leads are of a higher quality and our average agent closed-sale rate is 7.5%.

Organic search represents more than 70% of Internet search traffic. You want to be player.

Why pay-per-click is important to you?

The leads it generates are generally early on in the search process, before a searcher has settled on a favorite or small set of search sites they will frequent.

These leads are not natural but forced registration leads. Our own internal statistics closely match the often published national closed-sale rate of 1-3%.

Since home buyers generally interview only ‘one‘ agent, early contact with potential buying clients is important and it represents ~30% of internet search traffic. So don’t miss out.

Agent Services

@Homes Realty Group is a unique and outstanding brokerage company providing unsurpassed services to the company's agents. Named to Inman News Top Ten Innovators of the Year in 2010 and selected as one of the Beta Brokerages to Watch by Better Homes and Garden.

  • Company Culture

    Building a relationship based company culture is at the heart of who we are. Paired with professional coaching, training, and giving back to the community we serve.

  • Digital Media

    Professional photography, videography, brochures, client presentations, and much more; ensure your clients are receiving the best of the best.

  • Online Marketing

    Powerful lead generating property websites; along with a website for every client listing, and one for every agent with a powerful back-office suite of closing tools.

  • In-House Advertising

    An in-house advertising team provides a steady stream of private-label and pay-per-click advertising on behalf of agents and clients along with other marketing avenues.