In-House Advertising

An In-House advertising agency is a team within a company that focuses on selling the company’s products and/or services; they will handle all aspects of the branding effort.

Private Label Advertising

Private label advertising is a unique @Homes capability that no other brokerages currently utilize. This gives our agents a distinct advantage within a listing interview with potential sellers.

Our organic search websites are uniquely designed and built on top of Google AdSense / DoubleClick. This in effect makes each site a real estate advertising platform. When multiple websites are used, as we do, they are seamlessly integrated into our own private advertising network.

In the Huntsville area alone, we serve over 1,000,000 advertising impressions to well over 50,000 unique visitors a month. These visitors are active real estate searchers, most likely buyers, within our local market.

What does this mean to you as an agent and your clients?

A major part of our private label advertising is designed to drive these active real estate buyers to your listings. This advertising works and more than quadruples (4x) traffic to your listings when compared with normal searches and featured listing pages so popular within the industry.

Sponsor Advertising

In addition to using our private advertising network to advertise our client’s listings, we also have the capability to advertise for our mortgage broker, home inspection, builder, and other industry related partners.

We offer very reasonable fixed rate advertising for a highly targeted audience and have several mortgage company partners that advertise with us. In this case any funds generated by these sponsor ads is rolled into our Pay-Per-Click campaigns, which in turn drives new user traffic to our sites and generates more leads for our agents.

We also special case our builder, banks, and other multi-listing clients and advertise their products and services for free as part of our listing agreement with them. It is often the case that these builder ads drive users to the builder’s own website specifically their floor plan and community pages.

Pay Per Click Advertising

We are heavy investors in our own pay-per-click campaigns because they add value to our company. Our own internal @Homes Media Group manages all of our campaigns and utilizes search engine advertising as well as other industry related advertising channels to advertise our services.

This regular ongoing advertising benefits our agents in the form a steady stream of new potential client leads. These new client leads are always optional so if you’re busy, you opt out, but if you’re prospecting you can turn them back on. Contact us for additional information.



Coffee and beer

Tim Golden Director @Homes Media

Tim’s an engineer who utilizes an extensive knowledge of computer technology and business logic to steer @Homes Media - from launching rockets as an engineer to launching websites! While leading the @Homes marketing effort isn't rocket science his other job was, seriously. However Tim is very down to earth and thrives when helping people.

Agent Services

@Homes Realty Group is a unique and outstanding brokerage company providing unsurpassed services to the company's agents. Named to Inman News Top Ten Innovators of the Year in 2010 and selected as one of the Beta Brokerages to Watch by Better Homes and Garden.

  • Company Culture

    Building a relationship based company culture is at the heart of who we are. Paired with professional coaching, training, and giving back to the community we serve.

  • Digital Media

    Professional photography, videography, brochures, client presentations, and much more; ensure your clients are receiving the best of the best.

  • Online Marketing

    Powerful lead generating property websites; along with a website for every client listing, and one for every agent with a powerful back-office suite of closing tools.

  • In-House Advertising

    An in-house advertising team provides a steady stream of private-label and pay-per-click advertising on behalf of agents and clients along with other marketing avenues.